’$10K for TEN’ Charity Spotlight: Currumbin Wildlife Hospital


One of the busiest hospitals in the world, the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital treats more than 14,000 animals each year, making them a perfect recipient charity for the Usher Cup’s ‘$10k for TEN’ charity fundraising initiative which will see ten local charities receive $10,000 at the closing presentation of Usher Cup 2022.

Usher Cup co-founders Theodore Vairaktaris and Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew spent a few hours with the hospitals first responders and specialist veterinarians, both blown away by the experience and the volume of work being carried out. Theodore especially moved by the Koala saving research being implemented from the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. 

“A lot of people don’t know that the wildlife hospital is at the forefront of saving our most precious species being the Koala, the vaccine was developed here in Queensland, and they are implementing it here, in our backyard.”

The rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of each Koala treated at the facility costs approximately $7,000 with upwards of 500 koalas treated so far this year.

It was the ‘second chance’ aspect which really struck a chord with Rabbit, the former world surfing champion and Usher Cup contest director, amazed at the care being provided to the regions feathered friends.

“I like to study birds of flight and one thing that I have really come to notice is that birds are so perfect, their DNA, they are hardwired to just glide and they are just so free, but they have got to be perfect because birds don’t generally get another chance, once they are grounded they are usually done, birds don’t look after other birds and birds of flight can’t forage around and doesn’t have the same skillset as non-flight birds, so if they are injured or something they are done, but here at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, they get a second chance and that’s amazing.”

With more than 140,000 animals across the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales treated and rescued by the Wildlife Hospital teams, Head of Fundraising Georgia Lane said it was fantastic to see a local event and businesses band together to assist in the efforts to maintain the environment and protect our wildlife.

“I think that’s one of the best things about local businesses supporting a local organisation because you know it is very much about funds, but it’s also about education and awareness for the community to understand how important our environment and our wildlife are.” 

“We are just so delighted that Usher Cup has chosen Currumbin Wildlife Hospital to be one of the charities of choice for Usher Cup 2022 in January.”

After spending time with the team at the Animal Welfare League Queensland recently, Theodore said it was fantastic to have the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital join as an Usher Cup beneficiary.

“It’s hugely important to me, we have got two animal hospitals as part of our ten charities- one of them being the animal welfare league which actually looks after domestic animals, and this one is our wildlife hospital which is hugely important to all of us.” 

You can make a donation to Usher Cup’s ‘$10K for TEN’ charity drive here. 

Link to https://ushercup.fundmychallenge.com/

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