’$10K for TEN’ Charity Spotlight: Gold Coast Hospital Foundation


Their purpose is to relieve medical hardship caused as a result of illness, injury or disability, but as Usher Cup co-founders Theodore Vairaktaris and Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew found out during a recent visit, the work carried out by the dedicated team from the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is lifesaving, life-changing and uplifting.

A recipient of Usher Cup’s ‘$10k for TEN’ charity initiative, Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Trauma Nurse Navigator Matthew Scott said the support from the 2022 event will make a huge difference.

“For us at the hospital, at the grassroots of it all, this is majorly important. Without the extra funding that we get from people like yourselves and businesses and charities around the place, we would be limited in the care we could provide to our patients and the education we could provide to our staff.”

The message not lost on Theodore Vairaktaris who initiated the community fundraising component of the Usher Cup. “Not only is the Gold Coast Hospital such a unique and amazing facility, the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is the vehicle that is used here to actually bring a lot of life to the hospital and help each individual department with all the different equipment that they need.”

Nurse Unit Manager at the Children’s Hospital Dee Jenkins saying the much-needed cash injection would have the biggest impact on local families.

“The funds that you are able to provide for us, enable us to allow our Gold Coast families to stay closer to home and we can supply a better service to our community, keep them safe and support our community and patients”

“Community, particularly at the moment with what’s going on in the world is really important and so if we can all work together to help our community, it’s a good thing.”

Meeting key staff as they toured the hospital wards and specialist facilities, Theodore and Rabbit were surprised to hear that the foundation receives no government funding and that they rely almost totally on the generosity of the community and groups to raise funds.

“We just walked through the intensive care unit for the children and seeing all the artwork and the way that they can personalise that area and provide all new equipment for the intensive care babies is just phenomenal and you can really see the impact here that the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is making.”

“It’s definitely a support mechanism that the hospital needs, and they are doing a hugely amazing job here.”

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation works to deliver vital extras which significantly improve patient care and comfort including Cancer Patient transport, Emergency accommodation, the purchasing of medical equipment and aids, funding hospital led health research and providing scholarships for Gold Coast health staff. 

If you would like to support the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation as part of Usher Cup’s ‘$10k for TEN’ charity recipients, please visit https://ushercup.fundmychallenge.com

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