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BCS Broking Pty Ltd was established by Shane Stewart and specialises in insurance broking and surety bonds for the construction, mining and related industries. Shane has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, working with major insurers and international broking firms. Since launching, BCS has expanded significantly Richard Elson, Kryssie Tennent, Simon Doohan, Tania Stewart and Anthony Faingaa also joining the team.

BCS prides itself on not being aligned to any buying group. This means BCS, at all times, truly represents the customer and does not rely on any facilities for the placement of our clients’ insurance business.

This is then reflected in the coverage and price with BCS providing a truly bespoke solution for every client.

BCS also doesn’t receive overriding commissions or profit shares from any Insurer. BCS was founded on the basis of being a genuine alternative to Tier One broking firms, whilst providing the benefits of a boutique insurance brokerage. All of their customers are important to them.

When asked why BCS had decided to partner with the inaugural Usher Cup Surf Contest, Shane said it was a perfect cultural fit for the organisation. “Supporting good charities is part of BCS’s DNA. We have much respect for Theodore and the Usher Group team and were delighted to join in.” Shane said

Shane is a true believer in giving back to the community and to those less fortunate, saying it was important for business to support charities and grass roots sport across the country.

“We feel it is important to give back to the community where possible. As a father of an Intellectually Disabled child, we see so much value in sport and how it brings people together, whether competing for fun or for a profession we just love it”

Website: http://bcsbroking.com.au/
Socials: FB @bcsbroking | IG @bcs_broking | TW @Bellrock_C_S

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