‘$10K for TEN’ Charity Spotlight: Animal Welfare League Queensland


Usher Cup is honoured to support the incredible lifesaving work of Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) and their vision to create a brighter future for animals. Recently Usher Cup Co-founders Theodore Vairaktaris and Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew visited the AWLQ to meet Corporate Relationship and Fundraising Manager Anji Tierney, and experience a tour of the facility and the lifesaving work they carry out for our fellow furry friends. 

Founded in 1959, AWLQ has become a leader in animal welfare and provides a safe haven for close to 10,000 stray and homeless animals every year. In addition to their our animal rehoming and shelter services, they are committed to keeping pets and people together by providing lifesaving support and resources to people in need with companion animals.

These achievements are only made possible due to the continuous support of the community and their volunteers that work hard to provide these animals with the love and care they deserve.

During the visit to AWLQ, Anji expressed her passionate view on animal welfare and the important role the organisation has within the community. 

The impact Animal Welfare League Queensland has across our community is significant,” said Anji.

“Whether it’s finding new, happy homes for the animals in our care, supporting our community with their pets through our programs or advocating for companion animals, Animal Welfare League Queensland’s influence stretches far beyond our animal rehoming centres as we strive to create a brighter future for animals in need.”

“Regardless, we are here to look after them and ensure that they are treated with nothing but love and care.”

To every animal that is welcomed through Animal Welfare League Queensland’s doors, a promise is made – to never euthanise a healthy, sociable, or treatable animal in our care.

It is this promise that sets them apart from any other animal welfare organisation in Australia. Furthermore, the organisations community vet clinics ensure that no sick or suffering animal is ever turned away, irrespective of an owner’s capacity to pay for treatment.

The tireless efforts of the AWLQ does not come without a hefty burden, cost and the constant need for resources to keep the promise they have made to the community. A resource the AWLQ relies heavily upon but is often in short supply, are vehicles for animal transportation. 

“In 2020, one vehicle alone was responsible for transporting 313 dogs, 292 cats, 155 puppies, 7 kittens, 4 fowls and 1 rooster,” Anji said.

“These vehicles are used to assist with emergency boarding, an AWLQ initiative where we will collect animals from their owners who need them taken care of in emergency situations – we ensure animals are lovingly cared for until  they can be reunited with their owners.”

“We also use these vehicles to transport animals from regional pounds to provide them with a second chance or to collect animals when people in the community have no access to transport.”

Without an adequate supply of working vehicles, AWLQ’s ability to re-home, fundraise, support the community and safely provide transportation is inhibited. The funds raised from Usher Cup 2022 will proudly contribute to another vehicle to aid the AWLQ in continuing their amazing work.

Anji expressed what Usher Cup’s donation towards another car would mean to the AWLQ. “For more than 60 years AWLQ has been at the forefront of animal welfare, protecting animals in need. Support from initiatives like the Usher Cup allows AWLQ to ensure that every stray and homeless animal that comes through our doors gets the second chance they so rightly deserve,” said Anji.

In 2020-21, the AWLQ provided $1.56m in charitable support through their community vet clinics, cared for 8,443 animals, rehomed 5132 animals, reunited 2,616 animals and conducted 25,660 medical treatments and counting. The AWLQ’s team of volunteers, animal-care attendants and veterinarians have made these statistics achievable, but their mission is far from complete. 

For the AWLQ, their lifesaving work is something that needs continuous support from the community. Donating money will go the furthest to help us,” Anji said. “If you can’t donate money, then adopt an animal from us. If you can’t adopt, shop or donate to our op shops. If you can’t do that, become one of our foster carers where you can take care of an animal for a few of days up to a few of months.”

The AWLQ expressed their immense appreciation for the impact Usher Cup will have on their non-for-profit and the nine other charities in the mix.

It’s not like any other fundraiser,” Anji said. “It’s a fun way for the community to bring awareness to different charities that surround us.”

“You’ve got these two fusions of different parts of our community really banding together to create an incredible outcome.”

“Usher Cup brings together a big part of our Gold Coast community that are passionate about surfing and then you’ve got the people that are so passionate about the charities.” 

The AWLQ is one of ten local charities being supported by Usher Cup’s #10kforTEN – a campaign that will see Usher Cup give back  a minimum of $10,000 to TEN deserving charities like the Animal Welfare League Queensland. 

If you’d like to help us further support this amazing charity, please visit https://ushercup.fundmychallenge.com/ and donate today.

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