Gold Sponsor Spotlight: Baxta Engineered Coatings


Gold sponsor for the second year running, Baxta Engineered Coatings said they are thrilled to play a part in the second instalment of Usher Cup’s surf event, taking place from 28th to 30th January 2022.

Baxta is known and loved as a third-party manufacturer and specialist in paint and system consultancy, and has grown to become the largest Australian-owned paint brand supplying the commercial paint and render industry.

As a company that takes pride in their customers and local community needs, Baxta’s goal from day one has been to place solutions ahead of profits by assisting others to achieve their goals.  

General Manager Bob Matthews expressed his love for events like the Usher Cup and his no-brainer decision to support the 2022 event.

“We are privileged to be involved with an activity which brings people together from around the world, to participate in a sport synonymous with Gold Coast surfing,” he said.

“What a dream sporting event, focused on bringing clubs together at a grassroots level to not only compete but the opportunity to support charities and their clubs financially along the way.”

This is far from Baxta’s first time backing not only charity endeavours but local sporting as well, the brand having a rich past in supporting events like Usher Cup.

“Baxta has been involved in supporting football clubs, the homeless, Movember, breast cancer and heart disease fundraisers,” Bob said.

“We support fundraising charities because we are good corporate citizens.”

Bob acknowledged the change that Usher Cup will have on the 10 amazing charities involved and stressed the brand will continue to support fundraiser events like it in the future. 

“We support Usher Cup because we believe we have a moral duty to use what we have to help others, having the power to help others is a privilege and responsibility, one that comes with its own personal values,” he said.

“If you have the opportunity to make someone else’s life better, then why not?”

Thank you Baxta for your continued support commitment to community and positive change. 

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