Gold Sponsor Spotlight: Leadership Dynamics


The Usher Cup is proud to welcome back Leadership Dynamics as a Gold Sponsor for our second annual event! 

Leadership Dynamics was established in 2003 by Leadership Coach and Mentor, Peter Cox (Coxey). His vision? To share his global leadership experiences, processes, and strategies with business professionals, to maximise their business performance and success.

Not only have Leadership Dynamics supported Usher Cup since its inception, but they have also worked alongside one of Australia’s most successful youth intervention programs run by Youth Insearch Foundation- one of last year’s charity beneficiaries. Youth Insearch works towards empowering and rebuilding the lives of young people aged 14 to 20 and enabling them to reach their full potential. 

Coxey said he was motivated to continue his support for Usher Cup 2022 as surfing is a sport close to his heart. “Surfing had a real impact on me as a teenager – it was one of the things that saved me from myself at the time – so to be able to give back to the sport that gave me so much and to support our young surfing community is a real privilege,” Coxey said. 

“Now more than ever is the time when we need to pull together to foster and grow unity, and really promote the spirit of community that exists strongly here in Australia. There has been so much isolation (and all that it brings), so much hardship and anxiety and frustration so it’s important that people feel supported, valued, cared for, and inspired for their future.”

“The Usher Cup is a fantastic way to do this for the young surfing community, their families and the ten amazing charities involved.”

Growing up in one of the toughest areas in Western Sydney, Coxey faced many challenges as a child, yet his persistence and determination put him on a path to success. After completing his Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and Economics at the NSW Institute of Technology, Peter Cox is now internationally recognised as a Leadership Specialist. 

He explained the mission has always been to build stronger leaders so they can live better lives. “I’ve worked alongside business owners, CEO’s, company directors, professional sporting organisations and their key leaders to grow leadership thinking and behaviours, build their level of influence and develop high performing individuals and teams,” Coxey said. One of them being Usher Cup Co-founder and Managing Director of Usher Group, Theodore Vairaktaris.

Leadership Dynamics offers leadership coaching, team empowerment, strategic planning, professional sport leadership development, workshops, and presentations to their clients, some achieving up to 1000% growth over a 10-year period. 

We are honoured to have Leadership Dynamics as part of the Usher Cup family. 

Thank you Leadership Dynamics for your continued support and commitment to change and community. 

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