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King Brown Pomade are an Australian owned and produced collection of modern classic male grooming products that embody quality and tradition. King brown products are Influenced by a time when men dressed with style regardless of their daily pursuits, and when products were made to withstand time not trends.

Pomade is a versatile hair styling product that creates different looks, depending on the amount you use and whether you’re styling damp or dry hair. It’s known for adding lustre and keeping every strand in place with flexible hold – well into the next day, if need be.

Pomade is used in much the same way as it was centuries ago, and designed to create intricate and sleek hairstyles with flexibility, texture and long staying power.

The beauty of pomade is that it doesn’t dry out or stiffen your hair. This means that you can sport the wet or matte look all day, and even touch up or manipulate it with your fingers.

The best part: there’s no alcohol, a drying ingredient typically found in hair gels.

King Brown Pomade also provides a choice of oil-based, water-based and clay products.

These can be shiny, neutral or matte; and the consistency typically feels “waxy” when rubbed between your fingers straight out of the tin.

Do they all get the job done? You bet, but depending on your hair texture, scalp health and desired style, some are more suitable than others.

King Brown Director and Brand Manager Daen Brown had these comments when asked why he wanted to get involved with the Usher Cup as a sponsor, “2020 has left us all longing for live events and the cancellation of this year’s CT event at Snapper was a real blow to the local surfing community and fans of live sports in general. We are super excited to see competitive sports back on the agenda and giving the youth something to strive towards.”

Daen also went on to talk about the importance of supporting events like this that encouraging grassroots sporting in Australia, Daen had these comments to say, “We’ve always felt that as a business we have an obligation to support community both locally and within our industry. Without the grassroots support we received for KB back when we started, we simply wouldn’t be here and for that we are grateful, so we’re always looking to give back and support whenever possible.”

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